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Moves International Frequently Asked Question(F.A.Q)

The Australian education system is one of the most excellent systems in the world. It is the third most populist destination for international students globally.

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There are so many universities and colleges located in great cities. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and New south wales are some of the glorious places to study in Australia.

The average fee is approx 40,730 AUD. It depends on your course and the program duration of the particular Australian institution.

OSHC stands for overseas student health care policy in Australia. It is a must thing for those who intend to study in Australia. Make sure that you connect to reliable health coverage insurance.

Yes, because IELTS is the English proficiency test, and Australia is an English-speaking country. You must pass the IELTS with a minimum score to get a visa.

20,290 AUD is needed to show in your account to obtain an Australian student visa. It is a proof that you can bear the living expenses.

Yes, you can. Overseas students have an excellent opportunity to grab scholarships in Australian universities. Thus, you can save money on your tuition fees.

Two types of English proficiency tests are allowed on Australian visas. You can either go for IELTS tests or PTE tests. In both options, you need to score the minimum marks.

This question can’t be answered straight. Since each university has different rules and criteria, you need to be more specific to get the answer.

Fortunately, there is no age limit for student visas in Australia. However, if you are under 18, there might be some restrictions for you to come. But on maximum, there is no limit.

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