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485 Visa Application Online | Extend Your Visa

485 Visa Application is the process of asking permission to stay longer in Australia. The cause can be either study or work. Once you have finished your studies with the present visa, you might need an extension for further studies or if you want to live in Australia.

A lot of students apply for subclass 485 for their permanent residence part. It is a temporary graduate visa that allows you to increase the duration of your staying in Australia for postgraduate or professional work. The Australian govt. Permit it for two years if everything seems fine. Stay up-to-date through the visa website for 485 temporary graduate visa application procedures online.

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Who Are Eligible For The 485 Graduate Visa Application?

This visa is for those international students who want to live more in Australia, either for permanent residence or further studies. If you have recently graduated with qualifications and skills relevant to the Australian job market, you might get a visa to work, study, or live in Australia temporarily. If you apply by following the requirements and match with all the eligibility factors, they will allow you for subclass 485.

  • Under 50 years of age,
  • A recent criterion in a CRICOS-registered course
  • Need to meet other requirements of the relevant stream
  • An eligible visa holder
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485 Visa Application Has Four Streams

1: If You Are A Graduate Of The Australian Institute And Want To Work

How Long Can You Stay Once You Have Subclass 485?

International students, who have graduated recently, can stay up to 18 months or 1.5 years. It has been increased temporarily for 24 months since December 1, 2021. This rule goes the other way except for Hong Kong and British national overseas passport holders. For them, the duration is five years.


How Much Does It Cost?

It costs 1730 Australian Dollars, and sometimes the amount might be higher than that. This is the current rate as per the website. Keep checking for the changes of 485 visa application fees.


Hong Long Can It Take To Process?

The process fluctuates but moves between 4 to 14 months, as per the records. 90% of the application takes 14 months to process, but 25% of the applications take only four months. You need to try your luck.


What Can You Do With This Visa?

  • You can work in Australia
  • You can bring your spouse with you
  • You can temporarily work here and get closer to your permanent residence.

2: For Those Who Need A Post-Study Work Stream In Australia

Most things are similar to the graduation requirements and opportunities for the post-study work stream. However, a few things have changed if you need subclass 485 for the post-study work stream. The processing time, cost, and basic opportunities are the same as the graduate work stream. Therefore, we will only discuss the differences.

How Long Can You Stay?

Usually, the duration is 2 to 4 years, based on your qualifications. As we mentioned, British nationals overseas and Hong Kong passport holders can stay up to 5 years.

3: What If I Need A Second Post Studies Work Stream?

If you have a subclass 485 post-study holder and need it again, you can apply with the required documents, and they might temporarily allow you to live in Australia. You must have a graduate degree from a regional Australian institution.

How Long Can You Stay?

1 to 2 years, depending on your first post-study work stream and the regional location of your educational institute. Your first subclass, 485, plays a big role here.How Much Is The Cost?

The cost is 680, a pretty low AUD.

The rest are the same as the previous two, meaning you can work and bring your spouse/family.

4: Replacement Stream

There is another one called the replacement stream, which allows you to stay from 18 months to 5 years and add your spouse and children if you have missed it. The cost is 1730 AUD. If you have a previous 18 months visa, you will get it for two years this time.