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Moves International Student Counselling

If you are considering studying abroad, we can help you in many ways, including student Counselling. It’s not easy to make the right decision without knowing the details of the courses. Our experts will help you choose the best courses and make the right decisions regarding your study. If you make the right choice, your career will be an absolute feat. Just share your thoughts and plans with us, and we will give you the most suitable options for your future.

What Do We Do?

We have outstanding consultants to tell you about the circumstances and options of your study. They will show you the courses that suit your educational purpose and guide you for the best move. We want you to share your passion and get the most outstanding suggestions from our student Counselling services experts. Let’s kick-start your promising journey from now on.
MI Education & migration

We have:

We Answer Your Every Query

We have a team of specialists to handle educational consultation for international students. We listen to you and then recommend the best option. Let us handle your visa application process and free you from the unnecessary burden.
MI Education & migration

Course advice

Most students have some particular course in their mind that they will continue. However, there are other options to lead you to something even better. We will share with you those opportunities that may lead you toward your goals.

Questions you may have in your mind

  1. Are you going to meet the expectations from this course?
  2. Do you have an interest in the subjects we offer?
  3. Is this course gratifying to you or your future?
  4. How about the complexity of this course?
  5. What about the job opportunity after completing the study?
Options That You Will Get
  1. Graduate courses
  2. Postgraduate courses
  3. Vocational training
  4. Research courses
  5. Commercial courses
  6. Thesis submission (student visa extension)

Yes, we answer every question logically to make you satisfied. There will be no disagreement once we discuss it together.


We have scholarship programs for high-proficiency students who want to go abroad for higher studies (MBA, Ph.D., M.Phil.). There are so many universities and schools that constantly look for great scholars. We will ensure financial advantages through scholarships at the highest percentage for eligible candidates. Stay in touch and updated for upcoming scholarships in Australia. Let’s just set a meeting and discuss your ideas.

Our scholarship programs will include

  • Wavers at its best
  • Full-package scholarships
  • Update of new scholarships on different courses.
  • Affordable studying
Sharing Information on Student Accommodation

When a student gets selected and ready to go, accommodation is the first thing that comes to mind. We will let them know every detail of their accommodation. There are multiple options for selecting where to stay during the program. Most institutions provide places to stay for the students, but the case always does not remain the same. Ask our student Counsellor to know local information. We will arrange homestay, rental apartment, sublet, or hostel for secured accommodation.

Your stay will be included the following:

  • Fully decorated and furnished room
  • Affordable rents
  • Laundry and maid services
  • Easy access to the hospitals, super shops, and your institutions.

We have a good relationship with more than 100+ reputed universities in Australia. You have a vast area to choose among those institutions. Of course, we will help you get admission into the most suitable one. Your study background helps us to give you the best fit for your future. We will do that if you permit. Ultimately the goal is to give you the best among the best.

How can we take you closer to your goals?

  • Show you the maximum options that could match your needs
  • Help you review various course outlines
  • Science, technology, maths, engineering, and art courses are available
  • Help you find the best for you  

Moves International does its best for student career Counselling because we know how significant it is for an applicant. We tell everything about the affordability of study at your preferred university and course, your favourite subject. Talk to us for any queries, including shelter, part-time jobs, and benefits in Australia. Join our online student Counselling program and have easy communication.