Get Student Visa Extension in Australia

Let me guess, you or someone really close to you are studying in Australia, and the visa has got expired or going to be. Well, in such circumstances, it’s obvious looking for “how to get a student visa extension”. Moves International can help you to get an extended visa by which you can continue your study or admit into a new course.

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Moves International gives you a quick student visa extension Australia. If you want to re-enter the country or planning to stay more to continue studying, you must extend your visa before it expires. Just check on the expiry date and do not miss to contact us before the date. Well, if you missed it by any chance, don’t worry. Everything has a solution. Just let us know without wasting any more time.

Moves International will help you to Extend Your Visa

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For a student visa extension, you need to apply for a new visa in Australia. If you missed it by any chance, you are at risk of deportation to your country. The paperwork sometimes becomes too long for a visa extension. This may delay your schedule if you do it yourself. 

Conditions of Applying for a Student Visa Extension

Why not let us handle it, and you just go and relax? If you are a candidate from outside of Australia and your visa is expired, you will need to wait for the arrival of the visa before entering Australia. Call us for any further queries.

If You Have Any Of The Above, Let Us Know To Take A Quick Step.

Which Documents Do You Need To Submit?

First of all, get a confirmation from your institution to study further. When you are determined to do it, now it’s time to submit some of your documents to extend your visa.

  • Certified copy of your birth certificate
  • Copy of your passport ID and every page that has an Australian immigration stamp.
  • NID
  •  CV
  •  COE (confirmation of enrolment)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Parental consent for below 18 years old

You have to submit these documents to us, and we will get back to you soon. You do not need to face any of the hassles for an extension of your student visa. That is our job, and you must rely on us after sending the papers.

Why Moves International?

You must submit an application to the embassy where you will ask for your visa extension. The application must be submitted before your current visa expired. The earliest you can apply, the better it will be for your study. However, you can’t apply before three months of your current visa termination. The whole process is too complicated to carry on for a non-professional person.

Just remember that if you fail to meet the requirements of a student visa extension, your visa might get rejected. Your student visa extension fee is also non-refundable. Therefore, rely on such an expert who knows how to make it approved on the first attempt.

Things you can do with this visa
  • You are allowed to study full-time at a recognized university or college in Australia.
  • You can bring your spouse or family members to this country under limited conditions.
  • Work permits will be given to you and your family depending on your course category.
  • Your spouse will get permission to study here for three months if eligibility matches.

There is nothing free no matter what it is. According to the new rules of the Australian student visa requirements for 2022, International students can extend their visa and apply further to study new courses.

Yes, you need to show your health insurance to get a visa extension. It indicates your safety in staying abroad.

The cost is $650 for primary applicants and $485 for 18+ additional applicants. If there are under 18 applicants, the cost will be $160. In 2022, you can rely on these charges.

Do not procrastinate instead of contacting us with the essential documents as we mentioned before. We will do the arrangements to get you a quick response from the administration.

Tasmania remains on the top when it comes to the argument that which state is better to get PR. However, you can think of South Australia or New South Wales for PR. New South Wales is one of the best choices to get a job after higher studies.

The application fee is 630 AUD for a subclass 500 student visa. The amount you have to show proof for single student entrance is 62,222 AUD.

If you still have the validity of your current visa, you should apply as soon as possible to extend your visa for the new course. Usually, you need to apply for a new visa to extend your visa or subclass 500. It takes 12 to 15 weeks for the home affairs ministry to reply to you about the confirmation.